Babington Point

Babington Point is a notable point of Mahabaleshwar town that is found at a height of 1,294 michael over ocean level. Loaded with awesome flora, way enveloping the outlook might be seen by trekking and a horse, the point offers superb suppositions of the Solshi, Koyna Valleys and Chinaman Waterfalls. Babington Point is the proprietor of stunning scenes overlooking the wonderful Koyna and Solshi valleys. While the winding pathways that touch to the point, gives the potential outcomes to appreciate the diverse types of flora and avifauna, and that is the thing that invites the trekkers and additionally the nature lovers to climb here. You can also ride to Babington Point if you don’t want to trek up the hill. The silence that one experience while sitting on the resting seats and enjoying the enamoring sights of the regularly attractive nature is the experience of a lifetime. What’s more, this is the thing that attract in numerous travelers to visit the Babington Point. Getting Here Babington point is about 2.5 km far from the market of Mahabaleshwar. Once you go to the base point, you can get on a pony or can trek to the point appreciative the beautiful nature. Best time to visit The appropriate time to visit Babington Point is the monsoon months from June to November when the views will be greener additional with the living waterfalls and lakes.