Mapro Garden

Mapro Garden is a well-known vacation destination settled in the excellent hill station of Panchgani. Mapro is short for Mahabaleshwar Products, a brand name related with tasty natural product based items. With greenery surrounding, one will discover a chocolate manufacturing plant, an eatery, a little nursery, youngsters’ play territory and retail outlet offering Mapro items. The food served in the eatery comprises of healthy sandwiches and wood-fired pizzas produced using natural fixings. Ice-creams and cold drinks of a wide variety are additionally accessible. Wheelchair gets to is given all through the grounds. Visit Mapro Garden for a laid-back end of the week with loved ones as you appreciate the magnificence of this verdant goal. Mapro Garden was built up in the 1980s as an expansion of the Mapro Foods Factory which empowered guests to see the creation of jams and syrups. On understanding that the clients appreciated the relaxed atmosphere`, they started serving dessert to the guests. Afterward, other sustenance things produced using natural ingredients were set up on the menu, and today, it has transformed into a famous traveler goal. A theater here exhibits the journey of Mapro items, and you can likewise purchase your most loved jams and juices in the wake of tasting them from the retail outlet that is available here. Mapro Strawberry Festival The main occasion here is the Mapro Strawberry Festival that is planned in the month of March/April during the Easter weekend. Raw strawberries and advanced strawberry-based products are showcased, and you can sample and taste the incredibly fresh produce as you like. An amalgam of colors, energy and bubbling crowds, Mapro’s Strawberry Festival is an exceptional celebration of nature and its gifts. Entry fee No entry fee at Mapro Garden Timings of Mapro Garden 8 AM to 8 PM On all days of the week